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The Emotional Literacy Book Shelf

On this book shelf is space for all of those learnings we have taken from books, films, plays and arts irrespective of genre. The aha moments that have chimed with us or the resolution that has resonated and helped us with sticky situations or understanding the plight of others. 

BEYOND ‘There’s always a black issue Dear’

The emotional learning comes from insights from black LGBTQI+ into our shared history, through a different lens.  Tickets for AROOO's first, unique and intimate event features an award winning screening of the film from Claire Lawrie - followed by an audience with the director and influential voices including Glamrou, Sanna Hassan and Lady Phyll. Providing the opportunity to hear from some of the people shaping it.

Sarah Gregory

My Brilliant Friend- Elena Ferrante

"But if she's dead I'm dead, too, dead here inside, a death more unbearable than real death, which is death without feeling, while this death forces you to feel everything, everyday, to wake up, to wash, dress, eat and drink, work, talk to those who don't understand"

Four books which captured my heart, imagination and full attention examined life and society through the the nuanced lens of women's character, sex, opportunity, motherhood, grief, and class in Naples. 

Sarah Gregory

No Is Not Enough- Naomi Klein

The cover promises “An essential blueprint for worldwide counterattack” (Owen Jones) but after 185 pages the idea of hope felt absurd. Surely the only thing left to do was to walk towards the fire when the end of the world arrived; the best possible outcome was that the end would be painless. Then it arrives. Across lines of privilege and interest, reaching over countries and continents, Klein’s vision of not just refusal, but of resistance can be captured in one simple act — the act of caring. And with this principle at its core, she explains what resistance looks like in practice and politics, constructing a compelling counter-narrative with which to recover our world. A must-read if you sometimes look around and wonder what the hell we’re supposed to do now.

Nicola Washington