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Adinkra Symbols

Cultural sharing at it's finest

  • Adinkra Symbols originate from West Africa, like proverbs, have provided an unfiltered lens and narrative through which to see, interpret and understand both the world we live in and each other. At the heart of AROOO lie many Adinkra symbols so it is fitting that the physical outline of the movement is wrapped in them. 

  • Funtunmfunafu- are siamese crocodiles who represent democracy and oneness.

  • Ese ne tekrema- represent the teeth and the tongue and so much more including friendship and strength in unity.

  • Bese Saka- isn't just a sack of cola nuts- it is power, abundance, togetherness and unity.

  • Dwannimmen- the ram's horn lives in my heart and is drawn into my skin-  the interlocking horns teach us about wisdom and learning but most importantly strength and humility. 

  • Duafe- is the wooden comb but most importantly our feminine virtue.