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Mission Statement

Welcome  to  A Revolution of our Own (AROOO)

The saying goes that if you want to change the world you need to go home and love your family.

A revolution might sound dramatic and spark fears of violent uprising, and blood spilt . But there are many roads to revolutionary change.

Some people opt for the physical, picking up placards to march and protest. Whilst others block streets and curate gardens on bridges so that cars can no longer pass.

AROOO is more about interrupting harmful, singular narratives and building informed dissenting communities. Communities that will not be swayed by Overton windows or the reactive press and are driven forward by feelings of powerlessness and loss.

The personal has never stopped being the political. We cannot deny that storytelling and self love are radical disruptive acts. Defining who you are and what your story is within any given community or context allows you to confidently accept and adjust for others.

Currently the power lies with those who define the norm, curate our history and convince us all that apathy is king.

As we look to 2020 and beyond there are big political, economic, social, technological and environmental challenges that confront us all. 

And I believe that people are moving beyond slogans, words and are unwilling to be in denial. We want more substance and more action.

We want a role in political life, beyond the reactionary noise, and  to push back the enforced boundaries that are eroding our civic spaces.

We recognise that our language binds and blinds us and allows our minds to be imprisoned in strict formation. When there is only 'he' or 'she' grammatically accepted in our hearts and minds there is no room for 'them' and 'they'.

We cannot allow for there to be a ‘normal’ anymore, a baseline common denominator upon which we are all measured, judged and othered.

We need more women's voices, we need more unheard voices.We can no longer lose any more, research, inventions, innovations, conversations and unheard, beautiful stories to ironed bed sheets and a continual patriarchal silencing that harms us all. 

As music gives depth to our understanding of maths, art provides the breath to our science and our creative brain makes our thinking unstoppable.

So this revolution is not small, or quiet, but it is one of our own.


About Me

Hi I'm Sarah, thank you for joining me on a mission to interrupt harmful narratives and uplift unheard voices.

As a black British woman, of Ghanaian and Irish descent with four children I have a duty to make the world a better place, which is not just civic. 

I am a storyteller, ex civil servant, artistic activist, event organiser and dyslexic campaigner. I was lost at King's University, found at SOAS and survived evenings at Birkbeck to become a master. 

A Revolution of Our Own, is a bold platform that was born out of necessity. After the ending of The About Times journal that published ALL women's voices, it was clear that there was still a gap.